Erciyes University Research and Implementation Centre for the Turkic World

Erciyes University Research and Implementation Centre for the Turkic World

Erciyes University Research and Implementation Centre for the Turkic World was founded on 19th January, 1993 with Senate consensus. A President, General Assembly and Board of Management constitute the body of the Centre. From its foundation to 12th January, 2000, Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir YUVALI held the office of the President of the Research Centre which he continued after attaining the degree of professorship in 1997. Then, on 12th January, 2000, Asst. Prof. Ayhan ÖZTÜRK, who attained the degree of doctorate in 2002, was appointed as the President of the Centre.  Prof. Dr. Harun ÜLGER was the next president who was appointed on 12th January, 2005 and continued this duty until 2009. Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir YUVALI was reappointed as the President of the Centre on 20th February, 2009.

The aims and responsibilities of Erciyes University Research and Implementation Centre for the Turkic World are as follows:

  1. In a scientific framework, to research and evaluate the shared bonds and interests between the Turkish Republic and any country where people consider themselves as Turks, particularly the newly independent Turkic republics.
  2. To carry out studies and activities in order to help establish well-grounded cooperation and friendship between the Turkic World and the Turkish Republic.
  3. To contribute to the Turkic World in order to provide qualified staff needed in various scientific fields.
  4. Relating to the Turkic World, to establish research groups and found centres for Azerbaijan, West Turkestan (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan), East Turkestan (Uyghur), Cyprus Turks, Caucasian Republics (Kymuk, Karachai, Balkars, Nogias, Kundurs, Meskhi, Avars), Middle Eastern Turks (Iraq, Syria and Iran), Balkan Turks (Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldavia), Idyl-Ural and Crimea Turks (Tatars, Bashkirs, Chuvashes, Karaims, and Crimea Tatars), Syberian Turks (Yakuts, Tuvas, Khakas, Altai, Gorno Altai, Shors, Dolgans) and in the names of other Turkish communities; meanwhile creating "researchers" positions in order to raise staff for the beforementioned centres.
  5. By means of national and international meetings about the Turkic World, to provide scientific solutions to any problems that the Turkic World might face and to study and evaluate the moral, social and cultural values that combine the Turkic World.
  6. To serve as an advice centre for student exchange between the Turkish Republic and the Turkic World.
  7.  To publish all the media about the aforementioned aims.
  8. To ensure the flow of studies about the Turkic World to Erciyes University.
  9. To cooperate with other organisations that are engaged in activities about the Turkic World on topics that are relavant to the aims of the Centre.
  10. To carry out other studies that are parallel to the aims and principles of the Law of Higher Education.



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